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Best Log Splitter Reviews 2017 – Gas Powered & Electric

Here are Log Splitter Reviews we have made a comprehensive buying guide for you to easily compare log splitter bands, models, types, and styles:

Best Gas Powered Log Splitter Reviews

Best Electric Log Splitter Reviews

Best Manual Log Splitter & Wood Axes Reviews


If your looking for the quickest and easiest way to split logs for firewood then purchasing a gas or electric log splitter is right for you. Anyone who has worked in the woods and cut firewood knows that splitting logs in the hardest and most time consuming part of cutting firewood. Just imagine how much faster and less work you would need with a high quality log splitter—and you’ll save your back!best log splitter reviews

There are three different types of log splitters including gas-powered, electric, and manual splitters. It’s important to know that there are pros and cons of each type of unit and each can differ greatly in their power and speed.

Choosing the right log splitter for your needs will be the best bet and help you efficiently cut firewood while not spending extra money.

Below I’ve compiled a quick guide to the best log splitters in each category. You can read more in-depth reviews on each log splitter by clicking on the model or navigating from the main menu at the top of the page.

Best Gas Powered Log Splitters

  1. Champion Power Equipment 22-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter. 22-ton and 14 second cycle time, high quality and powerful, great reviews and trusted reputation.
  2. Dirty Hand Tools 22-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter. 22-tons of power and very high reviews, perfect for many homeowners.
  3. Swisher 34-Ton Gas Log Splitter with Electric Start. Ultra powerful 34-ton model, easy one-touch electric start, great reviews and reliable brand.

Best Electric Log Splitters

  1. Boss Industrial 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter. Great combination of power and speed, reliable brand and reviews, one of the best all-around electric splitters.
  2. WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter. 6-tons of power with trusted design and customer reviews.
  3. Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter. Homeowner grade splitter with 2 speed options, tough design and heavy-duty steel with plenty of features.

Best Selling Log Splitters

  1. Champion Power Equipment 22-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter
  2. Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter
  3. Boss Industrial 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter


Always check out the current prices on Amazon because these top log splitters are often on sale for a big discount or with free shipping!

Champion Power Equipment No.92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 22-Ton    Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton Log Splitter with Kohler Engine-01    Swisher 28 Ton Gas Log Splitter Review

Best Gas Powered Log Splitter – For Quick Splitting

Gas powered log splitters are the most popular style log splitter and are available from multiple quality gas enginemanufactures. It is important to choose the right model because there are major differences between brands and models. We’ve selected and reviewed some of the best units on the market that are both known and reliable. This means that you won’t have to deal with problems with unwanted maintenance and parts replacements. If you happen to need repairs you’ll also be able to find parts easier to make the correct fix. To start you need to ask yourself how you will be using the log splitter unit, how often you will be using it, and how much you want to spend. Gas powered log splitters come in different power levels and measured by tons of force. Generally a light duty machine will have under 10 tons of force and a medium-heavy duty machine will have 10+ tons of force. Top picks include the Champion Power Equipment 22-TonSwisher 34-Ton with Electric Start, and also the Dirty Hand Tools 22-Ton model for a lower-cost option.

These gas powered models are among the best choices and have great customer reviews on Amazon.com

Light Duty Log Splitter ReviewsPow' R' Kraft 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Light duty log splitters are generally smaller units and less powerful, mostly under 10 tons of force. This is often enough if you are a casual woodcutter or homeowner. If you are just cutting a couple cords of firewood per year a less powerful unit may be enough and you’ll save money by not buying the best, most powerful log splitter out there. A more powerful log splitter also means more weight and stout construction which makes the unit more difficult to maneuver. For smaller electric log splitter models look at the Boss Industrial 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter and WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter. For gas powered see the Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter.

Best Light Duty Log Splitters:

Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter.

Boss Industrial 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter

WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Medium/Heavy Duty Log SplittersNorthStar Gas 37 Ton Log Splitter Review-01

If you plan on splitting a more substantial amount of firewood every season than you’ll likely want to consider a more powerful and durable unit. A good guideline is that if you plan to only split wood occasionally and will only be splitting softer woods, then a less powerful more should be fine. If you plan on using the log splitter more frequently and will be splitting harder wood a more powerful log splitter will pay off and make things easier and more efficient. A heavier duty log splitter offers more power to split the toughest wood and will hold up to more abuse over time. It’s tough to say exactly how much power you will need, but every now and again you will get a log that is tough to split, this is when you need the extra force to split. Having a unit that doesn’t get stuck spitting a tough piece of wood saves time and unwarranted frustration.

When looking at powerful units it’s hard to pass up the incredibly well-reviewed Champion Power Equipment 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter and the Swisher 34-Ton Gas Log Splitter with Electric Start for gas powered models. For electric units the Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter are great a reputable log splitters with lots of power.

Best Medium / Heavy Duty Log Splitters:

Champion Power Equipment 22-Ton Gas Log Splitter

Swisher 34-Ton Gas Log Splitter with Electric Start

Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter