Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter Review

Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter


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  • 10-Tons of splitting power splits tougher logs
  • No bending over with built in stand
  • One-handed operation speeds up splitting
  • Super heavy duty log racks keep logs in place
  • Dual action ram means splitting in both directions
  • Super tough design is built to last
  • High quality, durable rubber wheels


  • Heavier than less powerful models
  • Longer 29 second cycle time (


Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter Review

Boss Industrial Industrial Electric Log Splitter, 10-TonThe joys of being able to split without bending down! The Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter is a top of the line splitter that handles just about anything you throw at it. Built for the heavy duty user, it’s fast, has a powerful 2.5HP electric motor and is very stable to work off with a sturdy, fully adjustable stand.

This splitter features a full gear shaft rather than most other electric splitters only being half gear. This is a great feature as it can handle a lot more and helps you to be far more productive in the amount of logs you split in a day. The simple one handed operation of the splitter and automatic ram return also cuts out a lot of time.

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Built in fully adjustable stand. This is brilliant as you wont be bending down constantly to load and split the logs. The stand is a very solid base giving you easy operation, saves a sore back and lets you get on with the job.

High quality, durable rubber wheels. A lot of other log splitting machines feature small plastic wheels that don’t match the weight of the splitter. You’ve got to have a good sturdy set of wheels for maximum portability.

The Boss 10-Ton splitter is a dual action log splitter. It features a two sided splitting wedge which allows you to split logs going backwards and forwards. This is great for productivity as it saves a lot of time getting through the tougher logs.

Heavy duty log racks which catches the logs that split on either side of the wedge. This is a well thought out design as it makes it simple to clear wood from the splitter and ready for the next cut. You don’t need to constantly bend down to collect the split pieces of wood.


To be honest I struggled to find any negative aspects of the Boss 10-Ton Splitter.  I guess you could say the weight of the machine is a negative, but when you look to purchase a machine with 10 ton of splitting force (the most powerful electric log splitter in its class) you can only expect it to be heavier than the more compact splitters. The photograph of the splitter is a bit deceptive as displayed online as it makes it out to be a small machine. The weight of 215lbs makes it almost too heavy for a single person to handle assembly etc.

Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter Features:

  • Cycle time 29 seconds (16 sec feed/13 sec retract)
  • 1800W power output
  • 16A rated current
  • Two 5 inch wedges
  • Max cylinder stroke 18.5in
  • 3400RPM motor speed
  • 2.5 horsepower
  • Power cable SJTW 12 AWG (3.3mm2)
  • 10 ton splitting force
  • Red/black in colour
  • Built in adjustable stand
  • Max splitting length 20.5in/width 12in
  • Horizontal operating position
  • Easy to move handle
  • 3200 PSI hydraulic pressure
  • 8inch wheel size
  • Professional grade hydraulics
  • Steel wedge
  • 3 position control
  • Max cylinder stroke 18.5in
  • Pump type- single stage
  • 2 year residential warranty/90 day commercial
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 46x26x36in
  • 214lbs net weight
  • 3.2L oil capacity
  • 2.8in cylinder bore

Using The Log Splitter

Unpack the log splitter from the box and ensure all the parts and accessories are present as per the packing list. As you will see the machine is shipped partially dis-assembled. Follow the instruction manual diagram to assemble the machine.

Set the splitter up in the area you intend to operate it and block the wheels to prevent the splitter from sliding around during operation. Check all nuts, bolts and hydraulic fittings are tight then plug the cable into the wall socket (20 AMP circuit required). Wear protective goggles, gloves, ear plugs and steel caps when using the machine. Adhere to the maximum splitting lengths of logs (20.5in length/12in width). Only operate the log splitter from the safety of the operating zone behind the machine. Oil the wedge and the upper side of the splitter to maintain a smooth surface for the logs to slide on.

Press the power button and place the log against one of the wedges. Always place the log lengthways on the working table and firmly on the side supports. If the log is small you can place it against the wedge before starting the splitter. Always split the log along its grain to prevent wood bursting or propelling off the side of the machine. Also never attempt to cross split a log. Move the control handle down in order to split the log and release when finished. The ram will automatically retract once you release the handle. If the log becomes jammed on the wedge, release the control handle and unplug the splitter from the power source and knock the log off with a hammer or other tool. Allow the machine to cool down for five minutes after operating before placing in storage. Keep children or pets away from the operating area, as from time to time a log could run off the splitter.

Remember not to force the machine if it wont split, if after 5 seconds of trying, release the control handle to avoid damage to the machine. Hydraulic oil should be replaced after every 100 hours of use. It is recommended you use AW32 hydraulic fluid. You can also sharpen the wedge when it gets blunt using a fine toothed file.

The Bottom Line: Boss Industrial 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter

The Boss 10-Ton Electric Log Splitter is an all round great machine built by a name you can trust. Boss Industrial are renowned for top quality equipment and you can be assured this splitter is built to last and certainly money well spent. Many have chosen this machine as it has the maximum splitting force available in the class of electric log splitters.

Top highlights of the machine:


  • Fully adjustable built in stand
  • Dual action
  • Heavy duty log racks
  • Tough design

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