Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter Review

Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter


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  • Top-rated mid-sized machine; super 22-ton power
  • Splits in both horizontal and vertical position
  • Quick 14 second cycle time
  • 2-inch ball hitch; DOT approved for towing up to 45 mph
  • Two-pull starting mechanism; CARB air emissions approved
  • Dual log catchers for efficiency and safety
  • Low oil auto shutdown


  • Some assembly required
  • Can be hard to start during break-in period


Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter Review

Champion Power Equipment No.92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 22-Ton-02The Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter is among the top choices for anyone who wants a powerful, great running and reliable medium-sized unit. With 22-tons of hydraulic force the machine can split the hardest wood with ease and quickly with a 14 second cycle time. This allows any serious woodcutter to split wood efficiently and effortlessly.

The Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter can be operated in both a vertical and horizontal position making it suitable for many different situations and best ease of use. The wood splitter features a 5 horsepower engine with a 2 pull starting mechanism for easy starts, even on those cold mornings.

The machine has a log stripper and skewed wedges to insure no logs get jammed during the splitting process. With this handy feature and it’s short cycle time nothing will slow you down and you’ll be able to split quicker. The machine also features dual log catchers on each side to keep split log pieces secure.

As a medium-sized machine the Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter measures 85.8″ (L) x 45.8″ (W) x  40.7″ (H) and weighs 397 lbs. The best part is that even though it’s ranked in the middle for size it packs a 22-ton punch and can split almost any hard to split wood. You won’t be let down by it’s power and the smaller size that industrial unites make for easier use and transport.

You’ll also be able to tow the machine thanks to its 2-inch ball hitch and DOT approved tires for speeds up to 45 mph. The machine comes with a 1 year warranty and dependable customer service.

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The mid-sized Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter offers the ideal combinational of 22 tons of power and ultimate durability. It’s power is comparable to larger sized units thanks to it’s dependable 196cc OHV Engine with Cast Iron Sleeve which is also air cooled to prevent overheating.

The machine’s integrated log cradle can accommodate 24″ long logs with maximum weight of 100 lbs. This makes it super versatile and can handle almost any log you can throw at it. Thew 2-inch ball hitch makes it convenient to tow the log splitter around to your work locations.

Another beneficial feature that comes with the unit is the auto-shutoff that insures you won’t damage the machine when it is running low on oil. This is a great safety feature to prevent an damage to the unit due to low oil levels.

Given the price the top-rated Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter is the perfect machine for any homeowner who wants to efficiently and quickly split logs.


One of the few complaints that users have on this machine is that it takes a small amount of assembly upon arrival. This should not be an issue for anyone who have ever worked around machines, but just be aware that there are a few parts to attach when the machine is delivered to your house.

Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter Features:

  • 22 Ton Performance, 4″ x 23″ hydraulic cylinder, 14 second cycle time
  • Powered by Champion 196cc OHV Engine with Cast Iron Sleeve
  • Size: 40.75″ x 85.83″ x 45.87″
  • Weight: 396 lbs
  • Can accommodate 24″ inch logs weighing up to 100 pounds
  • Can operate both horizontally or vertically
  • 1 Gallon gas tank and low oil shutdown
  • EPA/CARB approved for sale in 50 states
  • Dual log catchers for ease of use and safety
  • 2″ ball hitch with for transport DOT Approved tires; max speed of 45 mph
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Using The Log Splitter

After receiving the unit simply follow the directions provided for assembly of the unit which will roughly take 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will need to add 1 quart of engine oil, roughly 5-6 gallons of hydraulic oil, and 1 gallon of gas to the splitter before it’s ready to run. Nest, position the splitter in either the horizontal or vertical position and place a log into the splitter.

The machine is very easy to use with it’s pull-arm lever. Just hold the lever down until the wedge fully splits the log and then return the wedge back to the start position. The machine has a quick 14 second cycle time to split one log.

As always you’ll want to periodically check oil levels and for best protection keep it covered with a high quality log splitter cover.

The Bottom Line: Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter

The Champion Power Equipment Gas Powered Log Splitter offers the perfect size and power combination for any homeowner or woodcutters looking for a dependable machine. With it’s 22 tons of power and medium size you can easily maneuver the machine yet it provides more than enough power to split even the most seasoned or green logs.

With it’s 24″ length log capacity it can handle logs up to 100 lbs. The splitter can be operated in both horizontal and vertical positions and it’s skewed wedges and log stripper makes splitting easiest for you.

Top highlights of the machine:

  • Top-rated mid-sized machine
  • Super powerful and dependable
  • Well-rounded and easy to use
  • Quick cycle time and built tough

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