Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter Review

Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter


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  • Powerful splitting force for its size
  • Top ranked machine on the marketing
  • 7 tons of RAM splitting force
  • Simple & easy to operate
  • Valauble safety features such as ZHB control system
  • Capable of splitting logs up to 20-inches long and 12-inches in diameter
  • All steel construction for extra strength and durability


  • Smaller wheels make it more diffuclt to maneuver on uneven surfaces


Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter Review

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If you’re searching for a top performing electric log splitter that’s tough and built to last then look no further. The Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton Electric Splitter is the perfect backyard companion and is one of the most popular models available on the market today.

With plenty of focus on design, the all steel construction and heavy duty hydraulic components of this unit ensures a long working life. With the combination of two different operating speeds, fast at 4 ton and slow at 7 ton, it makes for a speedy cycling time and greater control over log splitting.

You wont be disappointed that you went with the 7 ton machine over the 4 ton baby model by Pow’R’Kraft, the extra splitting force will allow you to split logs up 20 inch in length.

Compared to gas models the Pow’R’Kraft 7-Ton Electric Splitter is very affordable at under $500 with free shipping within US (Amazon). The unit arrives fully assembled so you can get straight to the job.

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Unlike other electric models, the Pow’R’Kraft doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to splitting knotted and gnarly chunks of wood, as the name suggests it just keeps powering through. With built in GFI, you don’t need to worry about damaging the unit through overloading with a handy reset button on the side of the switch box.

Pow’R’Kraft have gone all out on safety features with a ZHB control system requiring both hands to operate. Your left hand is on the two speed control, the right hand engages the electric motor. Operating behind the ram ensures your hands are clear of the action and logs wont fire out at you. Safe and simple every time.

The engine hums along with minimal noise compared to gas units which makes it ideal for indoor use or in suburban neighbourhoods. The more obvious advantage of electric over gas is of course the lack of toxic fumes, safer for you and the environment.

Simply plug and go. The only fluid you need to worry about is for the hydraulic, no need to add fuel, change oil or service, making for a lot less mess than the gas options.


The unit features inbuilt wheels, however unless you’re wheeling it around paved or flat areas the wheels aren’t large enough to negotiate rough ground. It is recommended you purchase a cart if you’re moving this bad boy around outside of the house or yard. With a bit of alteration in this area, the Pow’R’Kraft is still very portable once you establish an alternative transporting system.

The Pow’R’Kraft models are manufactured in China which by no means impacts on the quality of the machine but there seems to be a key instruction in the manual which is alarmingly false yet vitally important. The instructions show having to turn a “screw” on the end of the unit prior to operating it for the first time. The screw is in fact disguised as a plastic wing-nut making it difficult to locate. If you don’t open the wing-nut (bleed “screw”) in order to allow air to escape from the cylinder it could malfunction your entire machine making it void under warranty. I sure would be arguing about the misleading manual if anything happened to the yellow monster in this regard.

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 7-Ton 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter Features:

  • 7 tons of RAM splitting force
  • Runs on a standard USA outlet 110 v
  • Dependable 3HP 1,500 watt/2,300 watt output electric motor
  • 24 second cycle time
  • Horizontal operating position
  • Splits logs up to 12 inches in diameter  and 20 inches in length
  • 2 year warranty
  • 172 pounds,is 42″ long,11″ wide and 20″ high
  • All steel construction to ensure a long life
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Auto return when you release both button and lever

Using The Log Splitter

Once your unit has been delivered, unbox and set it in the horizontal position needed. As above, locate the bleed screw or plastic wing-nut and ensure it is open before operation. The machine arrives with hydraulic fluid already topped up so you wont need to check this until after around 150 hours of operation.

Use necessary gloves and safety glasses. The machine is simple to operate, place the log into the splitter, your left hand is on the two speed control while you use your right hand finger to engage the motor. It’s about a 24 second cycle time to split one log. Lastly, always make sure the bleed screw is tightened when the machine is not in use (particularly when moving it to prevent fluid leaks) and open when in operation.

The Bottom Line: Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter

For a small size machine the Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-Ton Electric Splitter knocks out its competitors in terms of reliability and splitting force for this price range. This machine is designed to tear through hard, knotted and wet timber and wont disappoint.

Top highlights of the machine:

  • Powerful splitting force for its size
  • Tough design
  • Top ranked machine on the market
  • Simple to operate

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